A better way in 2013

October 02, 2012 by cabobrian

To Whom It May Concern,

The following are the guidelines for the Bruce Springsteen show in Chicago a few weekends ago for general admission tickets. I believe, with some minor tweeking, it could solve a lot of problems and give a much better illusion of fairness to those that make the yearly trip to Cabo.

About me; This year will mark my 10th year at the birthday bash. I have waited in line the majority of the time. This year I got skunked, zip, zero, nadda. I’m fine with that. I will do what I have to do to have a good trip and get to hopefully 1 show. I can also see the other side, the angry side. People set these trips up months in advance only to find the system changed. No communication for a couple days after the ”drawing” left some suspicious. I do not believe that I am owed anything. But since you started to charge for tickets and now a online game of chance I am beginning to think about Hawaii in the winter compared to Cabo in the fall.

Those with General Admission tickets for Springsteen, here's what you need to know:

1. This procedure is for General Admission ticketholders who wish to have the chance be the first to enter the GA area on the field. Anyone who has a General Admission ticket
will be in this area. This is a voluntary entry procedure lottery.

2. 1:...00 PM - On the day of show, sequentially numbered wristbands will be distributed from1 PM at the Ernie Banks Statue located near the corner of Clark and Addison.
Approximately 1,000 wristbands will be distributed. If you receive a wristband, you do not need to stay in line. However,you must return for the random number selection at 4:30PM.

3. 4:30 PM - A starting number will be randomly picked, at 4:30 PM, announced, and displayed at the Ernie Banks Statue. All patrons with GA ticket and a wristband will be asked to line up in numerical order beginning with the announced number. Staff at the Ernie Banks statue will direct wristbanded and ticket-holding guests to the queue. This line will be escorted into the GA area directly in front of the stage prior to General Admission ticketholders who did not participate in the entry procedure lottery.

4. The randomly drawn number noted above will be picked by a fan. The Patron holding the wristband that matches the starting number drawn will be first in line (i.e. if #’s 1 -1000 were issued and number 818 was drawn, the line would start with 818, then 819,
820, 821 through 1000 then 1-817). When the starting number is announced, the line will shift accordingly.

5. Those fans arriving after the wristbands have been distributed, or after 4:30 PM, will be directed to a a secondary line that is first-come, first-served. There is no place-holding (“saving spots”) in this line. One person – one spot. Groups must be together when joining the line.

It is my belief that you could have wristbands distributed the evening before, no lines, do the drawing at 10 am the morning of the show with line up at 6 pm. Pay as you enter (say $10 bucks) and entry starts at 7 pm.

I truly hope this is considered.

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