Happy B-Day Sammy, Bonne Fete Sammy

October 13, 2019 by cabobenito61

Happy B-Day Sammy ! 72 rocking years old !
, and keep rockin' it.

Bonne Fete mon cher Sammy, bon 72e Anniversaire, de ton ami Benoit, de Montreal, Quebec, Canada .

Hope to see you in Cabo in 2020 if we can get selected. I missed the old way, it was a fun party all night in the sandy sidewalk.

I can make another road trip, once more, I just don't care, I want to have another great F&%$# Time

Thanks for all the good memories you brought to me in my life, you are simply marvelous to rock every night like you are doing !

With love....Benoit xxx

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