Booze Cruise Information Please

August 29, 2011 by Cabo Rob

Hey Redheads,

Can't you almost smell the Tequila in the air...thats right, Its Cabo Time again. I know some of my fellow Redheads reading this blog know Carla. Lets get the information posted on here about the Booze Cruise. The Booze Cruise is absolutely one of the highlights of any Redheads trip to Cabo and this year will be no different so lets get this party started. Its been a long year and most of us are ready to BUST because its almost October and its time to get buzzin cuzzin.

Where you at Carla? We're all a little thirsty.


Cabo Rob

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pjk's picture

anybody got news about 2012 cruise?pleeeeeease send some info

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there is no link to info only what Carla posted on her Facebook page which I posted below. If you are on FB search for Carla Stead and I'm sure she will add you and you can get more info from her.

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Have a link for the Cruise? Tried to find it also, no such luck. Only info on the 2009 trip....

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went to check on booze cruise got nowhere

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the boat is the Oceanus.... and im drivin......

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Damn it Iowa Doug! I know we have partied together many times. I will ask everybody on that boat this year until I find you and we're doing a shot brah! I'm the one from Carolina thats about 235 pounds and 6'4. Sammy wore my Carolina Panthers Jersey #55 on stage in 2008 and 2009 at the Wabo. I'll see you on the Cruise big guy! My partner also is the one who is tight with Ric Flair that brought his robe down last year and Sammy wore that too. WOOOOO! See ya in 38 days! Cabo Rob said that!

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YO Rob, Which boat you been on for the ADLN/REDHEAD Booze cruise??? I been goin' to these since 2007 and hav'nt seen a bikini at any of them.... lol.

Cruisin' n Boozin' in CABO!!!

Humble Street Rat & Sammy Hagar Fan for Life

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Any idea what party boat is used? So we can check it out online? Also how many people go on this....sounds like a great time.

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Sup M&R!
Its just true Redheads on a private charter for a few hours blasting some Sammy, having some Cabo Wabo Tequila shots (lots!) and a little chips and cheese and a whole lot of memories! Their is also some great Sammy memorabilia given away too possibly INCLUDING some tickets to the BASH!!!!!We usually load up at the Marina. If you're a hottie the dress code is a 2 piece (small is preferred) but their is no dress code. You come overdressed we'll feed you to the fish (HA). Its the best party in Cabo outside the Cantina! Click on Carlas information in this blog and confirm your payment to her and you're good to go. This aint a profit thang because what we are not charged for the cruise itself goes to a great cause for some great little kids in Mexico (ADLN). It's a great time and Carla is the best. Peace and we'll see you in Cabo! Rob

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Thats my girl! Consider it done! Luv ya Carla and remember...Save The Tatas! Woooo! 39 days to go! I'll be flying in on the 10th and should be on time for that one so it looks like I won't waste any time GETTIN MY BUZZ ON! Sandra and I will be there. Peace.

Cabo Rob

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From Carla's FB page.....

Carla Stead
Redhead / ADLN Sunset cruise tickets can be paid via paypal to!! 32.00 per person! One of the best times you'll have in Cabo and you'll be helping the kids too! Oct. 10th

believe it is at 4:30

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fill me in Rob.
what is the booze cruise about and how do you get tickets?
we'll see you the fall and hopefully aboard the cruise.
look forward to your reply.
melissa and rich.