Sammy's Birthday Bash - Cabo 2013

May 20, 2013 by bsteinke

Has anyone heard when the Cabo tickets may go on sale for Sammy's Birthday Bash 2013. There are four of us that will be in Cabo this year for all our 50th birthdays!!!! What a better way to celebrate than at Sammy's Birthday Bash. This would be our first time in Cabo at the time of this event, and don't want to miss it. Any helpful hints for getting tickets??

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I would look for an announcement within the next couple of weeks to a month. They are according to what was confirmed by an admin on here using the lottery system again this year. There will be a sign up period for the show(s) you are wanting to be picked for. You then have to wait for an e-mail to see if you were picked to buy tickets. This is for the general show tickets. There are also dinner/show tickets usually available which are sold at the club first come basis. These go really quick and people will literally sidewalk camp out in order to get them. They are sold days 1 and 2 on one day and days 3 and 4 later.