Toby Keith Feat. Sammy Hagar, ‘Santa’s Going South’

November 08, 2011 by brownieou812

Toby Keith Feat. Sammy Hagar, ‘Santa’s Going South’ – Song Review

by: Billy Dukes Yesterday

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Toby Keith‘s new unofficial single ‘Red Solo Cup’ may be an indicator of what’s to come from the country hitmaker. ‘Santa’s Going South,’ his just released Christmas song with rocker Sammy Hagar, is similarly goofy but not as intentional. Ten years ago it would have been difficult to imagine Keith referring to his “flippity flops,” but that’s what fans get on ‘Santa’s Going South.’

The song is a duet with the former Van Halen frontman. The two have long been friends, even making appearances at each other’s restaurants for an impromptu performance in recent years. But ‘Santa’s Going South’ seems to fit Hagar’s personality better than Keith’s.

“Ain’t gonna be no white Christmas / Ain’t gonna be no reindeer / Ain’t gonna be no sleigh bells ringing / Not around here,” Hagar sings before Keith responds with, “I’m packing my tank tops / My board shorts and my flip flops / I take first class non-stop / Down Mexico way.”

In this song, the two singers play the role of Santa Claus. That’s a stretch for Keith, who could be described with a number flattering adjectives — “jolly” not being one of them. The chorus is catchy but forgettable. “Yeah, cause Santa’s going south this Christmas / Santa’s going south this year / I say say Santa’s going south this Christmas / And he won’t be back ’til summer is here.”

It’s not an offensive song, nor is ‘Santa’s Going South’ an instant classic. Keith doesn’t do many duets, making his collaboration with Hagar on this jazzy holiday tune all the more questionable.

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seanster's picture

Yeah its a Sammy song.I was at that Mill Valley show.I think its on youtube.

brownieou812's picture

Yes...I remember him posting it on during the holidays last year. Neat little duet version of it to get you in the holiday spirit!!

hagarox's picture

I do believe this IS a Sammy Hagar song. He sang it at the Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley, Ca. last December. He rocked the house, as usual!