Booze cruise

August 19, 2016 by brianm1212

Anyone have any information on the booze cruise this year?

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Amigos de los Ninos charity booze cruise will be on Oct. 10th. Time and boat is yet to be determined. Usually around 3 or 4 pm. Tickets can be purchased via paypal, $35.00 plus $2.00 service fee unless you use the friends and family send money option. If tickets are still available the day of, they can be purchased for $40.00 at the dock. More info later. The beach party will be on the 12th from 12 to 5 at Tobasco's bar on Medano beach. Lots of raffle prizes, auctions and some tickets for the birthday show. Annual barrio trip on Sammy's bday at around 9 am in parking lot of Cabo Wabo cantina. Please bring kids clothes or other items to the club or by The Mar de Cortez hotel prior. All proceeds go to Amigos de los Ninos charity in Cabo... Thanks, Brando... hollar anytime for more info if needed..