May 08, 2017 by brianm1212

I'm guessing there are a lot of us who are already booked for the 70th this year, was just wondering what people are hearing about the show dates and venue this year. We are booked the 7th-14th as we were assuming the show dates would be the same as previous years, now there's talk that that may not be the case. Either way we will have a blast as usual, and end up FDIC at least a couple of times

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Just booked Oct 11-16! Scott, you can make my drink a double shot of tequila!! :D FDIC IN 5 MONTHS!!

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Thank you for the audio. It does explain the rumours . Being up in Vancouver Canada we do not have the same station that you guys do down in the states. So I missed hearing Sammy say that the possibility of an outdoor venue might happen . I just changed my flights and got an extra day at my hotel ... Cabo bound from the seventh till 15 October. Thanks again for the audio ... and I do apologize if I came off like a real asshole. Bring on Sammy's 70th can't wait. Dillon. IOU a couple drinks if you're down in Cabo for the birthday bash. Thanks again for the audio. Long live Sammy

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Thanks for the audio Dillon, sounds like it going to be another epic year in Cabo. 148 days till I'm FDIC!!!!

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Listen to the interview
Hopefully we will get some WABOS!! POR FAVOR :D

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Sammy said it himself on the radio. I know sometimes he talks when he should stay quiet but it did come straight from his mouth. Shows Oct 12-14 and outside venue.

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After I just posted The last comment. I didn't mean to come off like such an asshole. But seriously shut the fuck up unless you have actual knowledge of what could possibly happen for Sammy's 70th. My girlfriends telling me I should apologize. So I guess I'm sorry for pointing out the obvious .... and I'm not quite sure if this will pass for an apology. As a Canadian boy we're supposed to be polite .. shut the fuck up. Til the man himself says were his 70th is happening . It's all serious bullshit .. i'm pretty sure my girls gonna read this and tell me that it's not an apology.... but it sort of kinda is. Long live Sammy

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All right. Seriously let's not talk out of turn. No one should start rumours about Sammy's 70th is going to be anywhere other than the Cantina So until the man Sammy himself. Post it. It means absolutely fuck all and nothing . Do your homework. There is no were in Cabo that Sammy would play on his 70th birthday.. then the Cantina So please. Stop the conjectures or the basic bullshit I just had to get this out of my system . Unless another hurricane hits Cabo. God for bid. His 70th will go off at the same spot as 69th happened ... so stop the bullshit. Unless you have some actual facts . Knowledge of a venue that has 70th is going to be at. Shut the fuck up. Looking forward to hearing the actual facts. Long live Sammy.

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He mentioned in interview of turning a piece of desert into a venue. Maybe area by Tobasco's and soccer fields or El Tule arroyo and beach by his house???? BRING BACK THE WABOS.... POR FAVOR.....

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My wife and I celebrated our honeymoon on Sammy's 50th, and it made our honeymoon amazing. We are on our way back to Cabo to celebrate our 20th anniversary and Sammy's 70th and can't wait. I haven't been able to find anything about tickets and was hoping somebody had some info.

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Yep. I think it is happening. I just listened to the recording of the Sammy's interview with KSHE and he said there putting the finishing touches on a place to hold 20,000 ppl per show in cabo. Isn't there a theatre or something in or near the marina? I could swear that I remember seeing an open air seating venue while walking through the marina.

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I miss them too. I don't know what happenend to them.. Don't get me wrong, I love the Circle but I might like the original Wabos a little more. Especially when both Mona and Mikey both played.

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Yes i hear alot of rumours right now too...either way we have already booked our flights and resort right on the marina from Oct 5th to Oct 15th. FDIC...cant wait

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I heard this interview too. Sounded like a done deal

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Has anyone heard of the Wabo joining Sammy this year?
I SO miss Bro and Mona...

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Sammy mentioned on an interview with KSHE in St. Louis the dates could be October 12th to 14th and at a special venue that could hold 20K.

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I haven't heard about different dates, but maybe some added ones...cause it's gonna get crazy for his 70th!!!! :)