2011 Birthday Bash

October 27, 2010 by brianm1212

I know its extremely early, but i was wondering how people felt about the ticketing system this year and if it will be the same for next. If people are on the sight when tickets go on sale how likely are you to get them, in otherwords how quickly did the shows sell out.

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Does anyone have the dates yet for the 2011 birthday bash. Actually planning wedding and honeymoon and Cabo just to spend it at the Cabo Wabo!

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redhead i agree let everybody have a chance at them,went last year to 18th it was fine

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Is an outdoor venue completely out of the question for the shows?

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Well said, Wooky, Iowa Doug and edvo21, This was my third trip to Cabo so I have done the line time and the ticket system. I agree that the crowd seemed a little different than in the past (2003 and 2004). I did however enjoy my time away from the Cantina this year to do other things. I don't think there is an easy solution to this dilemma and I'm sure Sammy's intentions were not to have his fans sleep out on the sidewalk to see his shows. He wants us to enjoy everything in Cabo, I say at least hold some tickets for the line advocates and sell some online maybe 50/50 so everyone has a fair shot. No matter what they do someone will not be happy because you can't please everyone all the time.

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Well said Brando and Doug!!! The vibe in and around the Cantina was different this year. I ran in to at least one major league asshole every night, the kinda guys that don't want to let you walk by them to go back to your spot with your wife after using the bathroom. I guess they felt like if they paid for a ticket it was me first and fuck everybody else. That's just not cool and has never happened to me before there. It used to feel like a family reunion but this year felt more like a hassle to be at the cantina. We spent a lot less time and therefore money at the cantina than in years past because it just wasn't the same fun friendly vibe that it's always been. It's unfortunate that people have to bring there problems with them to Cabo instead of enjoying there vacation and having fun with there fellow redheads. If this is the way it's gonna be from now on I think were done with the bash.

Bring back the line and hopefully it will bring back the people that want to have fun and the positive vibe.

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Iowa-Doug has it right. I go to Cabo to see all the shows. Sammy played a different setlist every night. Let's nip all this discussion about only getting tix to a couple of shows in the bud right now. I don't like the ticket sales and would rather wait in line to make sure I can go to every show. Sammy seemed to think the ticket sales were a great success. OK. I will deal with ticket sales but don't limit my chances of going to every show!


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Thanks Brando, I agree "LINE TIME IS A FINE TIME"... Don't lie the idea of being limited on how many shows I can try to see. What if you wait til the sale for the 13th, and don't get squat??? Also how many of you get told you can only see Sammy X-number of times anywhere else in this GREAT RED WORLD??? Just sayin'... Don't expect everybody to agree with my opinion, but also don't dis me because I step up and state it. I don't dis you for your opinions.

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Yes (if you wanted 6 tix for one show) and you had to be set up on paypal this year. I think they will probably revise somethings before next year. You will get emailed before the tickets go on sale (If they sell online again).

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bring back the line...

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So three of us would have to be online when they go on sale, do website members get first crack at them?

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You could only by two tickets per person per show this year.

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So what I am hearing is that my wife and I and 2 other couples with us have an icecubes chance in hell of seing the shows

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I think to make it more fair so that more people get a chance to go to a show, that they limit your purchase to 4 tickets for 1 show or 2 tickets each to 2 shows.

I realize that a lot of people like to go to every show but then that limits others to getting tickets to a show.

Just my $.02

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Although towards the end of the shows, they gave out the wristbands that were not picked up...and none of the dinner shows sold out...

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They all sold out in less than 5 minutes. I like the idea but wish there could be a way that nobody would miss out on seeing the shows.