Acoustic 4 A Cure 2017?

March 01, 2017 by Brianj6174

Has anyone heard if Acoustic 4 A Cure is on for 2017?

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cabojohnny5150's picture

it will be on May 15th. the line up is
Sammy Hagar
Dave Ghrol
Sarah McLachlan
Pat Benatar
(and a few others)

not2awnry's picture

Sammy said its on just no word on Tix yet

mskiles's picture

So far it has been on May 15th every year, regardless of day of the week. Last year we found out about it in mid-March with tickets on-sale April 1st.

Blenderman80's picture

Hope to hear something soon!'

cathyleighs014's picture

We are all waiting and praying for a date soon!