September 25, 2017 by brendaSTL

12 sleeps and i am there!

Who is getting in line on Friday? Dinner tics go on sale the 8th correct?

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I scored 2 for the 13th yesterday too!
Was already heading down on the 7th empty handed but now I'm in for at least one show.

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Friend of mine scored tickets today for the 13th and the 14th. She got an email from Ticketfly and Scored!!!

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A few ppl that go year after year line up crazy early but I got in line at a certain time and got tickets the past two years. I'll stick to my plan. Need to hit the walmart for a mattress and a cheap pillow for the night... IT'S ALMOST TIME... SAMMY SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT IN DETROIT TOO..

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Great - i wont get there in time...

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Correct first two shows of dinner/show ticket type go on sale October 8th at noon. I highly suggest getting in line prior to Friday. There is talk of people starting the line THREE DAYS before on sales.