Sammy’s Rum Bottle Change

January 06, 2018 by bogie23

I heard Sammy say there was change to the rum bottles. Can’t find where I saw it. So can anyone tell me what the change is?

Thanks Keith

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Hi Keith

i have noticed the rum bottle started with a verticle sticker (on line images avail) even on his recent show end of last year where he was happy (i think it was sweetwater show) that the bar served his mezcal 'santo" mezquila...and and it was a rectangular sticker. i think they started out coming from hawaii.

now the red rocker rum went circular horizontal sticker, and just recently FINALLY included the gold "Sammy's" in cursive that was usually always on the "KOLA SPICED" and 1st clear rum issue.

my fave is the red, ...Kola is good, im more a tequila drinker. His MEZQUILA is expensive but very good. the 1st clear one of rum supposed to be coconut bannana i think, but all i tasted was vapor alcohol. woah it was strong..i bought a new one just to test if it's better, and perhaps i had an old one.