Cabo Uno?

January 06, 2013 by bogie23

I was wanting info on Cabo Uno.I have heard of it but was wondering if it was still available & if this was put out when Sammy still owned the Cabo Wabo brand? I read he he has no more intrest in the brand.Any info would be great.


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Do you still have bottles of Cabo Uno to sell?
Sorry, I saw this was from 2017, but interested if they are available

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I'd like to get a bottle if you still have one to sell.. Thanks John A.

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I have two bottles I would like to sell.

Not sure if you are still looking.

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I'm trying to find and buy a bottle or two of Cabo Wabo Uno
Can you help?

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Numbers in the 13,000.Is that price or is each bottle numbered ?


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I would agree with Doug on the UNO once it it gone there is no more from what i have heard i bought 50 bottles and still have about 36+ i'm not letting them go for any less the 300ea..the supplies in the LOU is very scarce if any more around.I have also seen bottles with numbers up into the 13,000 range but not anymore

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Keith, It will gain some value but I have been surprized to how little they were going for on EBay before the regulation change of the rules to selling alcohal! Once the supply is gone the price will jump! I have three cases, 9 bottles & one bottle of the Cabo Uno La Familia Hagar that Sammy gave me! I feel that the 9 bottles are worth between $250 to $350 a bottle right now and the bottle Sammy gave me around $3,000 to $4,000! Once the Cabo Uno is sold out I would say a bottle would be worth about $400 to $500!
Doug aka "CWG"

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Think it will gain value in year to come ?


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I would low ball him an offer! $250 was high when it was released! If there is alot of shelf wear on the box & bottle, try an offer of $175! It is rare & more than likely will not be produced again, so if you want it in your collection go for it! You will now only find empties on eBay! You cannot sell any type of alcohol on eBay now!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I started collecting Cabo Wabo bottles recently & I found a bottle of Cabo Uno.The guy said its been on the shelf for like 4 years.If its that rare Should I get it for $250 ?What do you redheads think ?


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Alright, this is what I know...Cabo Uno was developed by Sammy Hagar & the Rivera Family starting back in 2003/2004! It's a 38 month aged Anejo Reserva Tequila that was released back in March 2007. Retail price then was anywhere fron $160 to $250 a bottle. The original name was going to be Cabo Golden Eagle, but it was changed to Cabo Uno due to everyone stateing "This is the one" after tasteing it!

In March 2007 Sammy owned Cabo Wabo Tequila but sold off 80% in May 2007, so when Cabo Uno came out it was a Sammy product! He sold the remainder in August 2010, all said & done, Gruppo Campari paid $91 Million for Cabo Wabo Tequila!!

The Cabo Uno Tequila is a very excellent rested anejo! The thing that really makes this tequila stand out is the packageing! It comes in a distinctive crystal bottle & crystal stopper that is housed in a hand made leather & wood box! Each bottle is numbered to earmark it's allocated status! You should know that the numbers really don't mean much because the pens used to mark the bottles were not permanent, so the numbers would rub off in shipping or people would rub off some numbers to make it look like an earlier bottle than it really was! Also these bottles have a facsimile of Sammy autograph but are not signed by him!!

A little known fact...the first 55 bottles were held back & Sammy has them! They were all hand signed & numbered in gold paint pen by Sammy & were re-named & packaged Cabo Uno La Familia Hagar! Thus making these first 55 bottles the rarest Cabo Wabo Tequila bottles available! Sammy gives these bottles to family & friends!

Cabo Uno is still available but quickly getting close to selling out! It has been awhile since I've seen a bottle on a shelf somewhere. I read a couple of different reports that anywhere from 5,000 to 8,000 bottles were produced! It was supposed to have another run, but due to Sammy selling off the brand, I don't think there will be another production run of this excellent tequila!!

Hope this answered alot of your questions! Also Cabo Uno is the Original House Band for the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, not Las Vegas! Check them out on You Tube!

Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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You can still find the award winning Cabo Uno Anejo tequila for sale on line with prices around $250 and up. I'm not sure if they are still making it. Enjoy!

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OMG....! Cabo Uno is the number "1" (Uno) version or premier version of Sammy's Tequila . It is also the name of the house band in Vegas....

The Cabo Uno Tequila is about 3 times the expense of Blanco Cabo Wabo... just FYI


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Cabo UNO is the house band for the cabo wabo cantina Las Vegas!