September 16, 2010 by BobbyBarnes

STANDING HAMTON 1982(Memorial Colasium. Portland or)Quarterflash opened the sow and were ok but Sammy just blew me away.I was only 13 at the time and was(still am)verry impressionable.But what an impression! The only downer about the whole nite was finding out that RANDY RHODES (another one of my guitar hero's) was killed in a plane crash.other than that it was one of the best nites of my teens. OK SAMMY CONCERT #2 3 LOCK BOX 1983(Autsen Stadium Eugene or) This one was totaly OFF THE FUCKIN HOOK.Brian Adams opened up AND SUCKED!he must have been drunk or somthin cause he made CUTS LIKE A KIFE last aout 45 minuites.(By the end of the song i was lookin fora knife) Then Sammy came on and once agian BLEW ME THE FUCK AWAY. Niel Schone even came on stage and did LIES from the HSAS album(remember albums)it was without a doubt one of hte most HIGH ENERGY shows ive ever been to(and ive seen ACDC IRON MAIDEN AND GODSMACK)JOURNEY was up next but after Sammy they were kind of a let down.still i got to see them with STEVE PERRY.well those were my two big SAMMY expiriences.coulnt say ive ever seen a band that could out rock SAMMY if you get a chance to see him or already have you know what i mean.

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Hey mink thanx for your cool coment.ive been away from the site for a wile but im back.would have loved to see marching to mars.i saw him do that song on Jay Leno.the dude looked like he just left a softball game.but he totaly kicked ass.

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YOU KNOW IT BROCHAGHO nobody brings it like SAMMY.

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You are so right He rocks. I saw Iron Maiden and Godsmack in the last year and while there is no disputing those are two incredible bands live Sammy still brings it every night and you feel like you are amongst family when you are at his shows. I saw Sammy for the first time in 82 when I was 10 in san bernardino and i've been hooked ever since.


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I was at the Autzen Stadium gig too. I remember Sammy climbed the Journey sign during his solo. I was 11 and he made a lifelong fan that night.

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Right on x that was wene KGON was the #1 radio station in the contry.

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Hey Guys!!
I was at BOTH of those shows... Holy Crap.. It was awesome..Small world.. Sammy put the KGON sticker on the Trans am on stage... Freekin Cool! see you in Cabo very soon!

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My first Sammy show was Three-Lock Box in Portland also. Night Ranger did the was off the hook awesome. It all started that night! See you in Cabo.

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Thanks for sharing your favorite Sammy concerts with us. I'm jealous you got to see him on both the Standing Hampton and 3 Lock Box tours. Both great albums! I've actually thought, if I could go back in time and see Sammy in a certain era, I'd want to see a Standing Hampton show. 3 lock box, and VOA tours would be a close second. I wasn't fortunate enough to see Sammy until the 5150 tour. I thought that show was amazing. Along with every VH tour until the split in 95. When he went on tour to support the Marching to Mars cd, which I saw twice. I optained front row seats for the Springfield, IL show. That tour was great because I finally got to see him perform alot of his solo songs live that I had be longing to hear. Songs like, Heavy Metal, I'll Fall in Love Again, 3 Lock Box, and Returning Home. I try and see him everytime he's relatively close by, whether it be solo, VH(2004), or Chickenfoot. Whatever the project, it's always spectacular!