September 21, 2010 by BobbyBarnes

OK heres were im at.First you need to listen to the sound track from the movie HEAVY METAL.(one of the coolest animated movies ever made) And then listen to STANDING HAMTON.In my opinion(and if you're a true RED HEAD you'll back me up)The sound track vesion is more intence.Not only is the intro better. but the rithom track is tighter.and the vocals are even more intence.the solo realy blows the STANDING HAMTON version away.I dont know why Sammy re recorded it.but its not the first time its happened.the evolution of THIS PLANETS ON FIRE has been cool to but i think with HEAVY METAL he got it right the first time.

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yeah Win, haha....

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You got me on that one mike.unles i could get a pesonal guitar leson from Sammy.(You listening Sammy)I got all the gear.Guitar Amp.ect.

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LOL Mike you funny♥

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I prefer the version where I am in his bar with my buzz on and he is singing it live. There is no better version than that!!

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The "Standing Hampton" version is a waaaay better recording and version.


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interesting...when I get a chance I will give them a listen and let you know what I think!!