Been a huge fan for quite a wile now.(Since 1980...DangerZone)

September 01, 2010 by BobbyBarnes

The only other bands been into that long are the SCORPIONS an JUDAS PRIEST.(TED NUGENT goes way farther back than that)Sammy was my second concert at age 13.(STANDING HAMTON) that set the worn my friends out on(and even pissed a few off but hey ITS A SAMMY THANG THEY DONT UNDESTAND) Sammy but joke them if they cant take a fuck.Moving on i just got my first computer and one of the first things i did was become a RED HEAD.this web sight FUCKIN I'l see all you KICK ASS RED ROCKERS here on the sight and remember THERES ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK.

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oh yeah this is the place to be baby!! welcome!!

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welcome to cyber Red head world!!