Timeshare presentations in Cabo

September 09, 2010 by bobb034

I'm just wondering if anyone has done any timeshare presentations lately. I did one a couple of years age and got $400 to spend at the Finisterra. Pretty much made my stay all-inclusive with that amount. I'm wondering if they are still paying that much or should I ask for more?

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It's a Peace Sign shaped like a rectangle with rounded corners. Geometrical? https://happywheels2.io Dunno bout that one! LOL! The Peace Sign kinda looks like a chickenfoot so I can see why they they related with that image. :-)

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Hi, Look at it this way...is whatever they are going to give you worth basicly one day of your vacation? I've done them before, but no more! Only go if you are really thinking about wanting to get a timeshare, if you are not, don't do it! You can normally buy a time share on the secondary market for alot less than what you would sign on to by length & money! By the way once you land in Cabo get through customs, gather up your luggage & get out to the street! BEWARE of all the time share people on the way out, do not stop! Just go out to the street & find transportation!!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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I think it depends on what the guy trying to get you to commit to the time share is willing to give away. In Feb of '09 I was down there and didn't get past "The Gauntlet" at the airport. Casa Dorada Medano beach was promoting timeshare presentations. There were 6 in our party. I asked for 6 snorkeling cruises to Chelano bay, 6 dinner cruises on the Cabo Rey (Awesome boat, big with good restrooms) and a bottle of Tequila. That's over $600 worth of stuff. I had to pay $20 deposit of which I received back upon arriving at the presentation. I actually bought a vip package which is like a timeshare except I only pay a maintenance fee if I use it. It is for 10 years and was very reasonable when one compares how much it is to stay there w/ out a plan/timeshare. I'm not sure if they are still selling there or not. This Oct will be the first time we use it. Last year, we stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Rose, and they only gave us a $150 resort credit for their presentation at their Sunset location. This year I think I will pass on any timeshare stuff......Just going to enjoy the week at the Cantina and see sammy on 10/13.

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I have been there 2 straight years and heading back for a 3rd for the bash. They make you give like $150 in cash for a cab then give you that money back (once you show for the meeting) and then you get about $200 worth of stuff like a Booze cruise, wave running, etc. I have not seen any $400 offers but all the power to you if you get it!!!