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Jeff Dickinson
July 23, 2012
Kent, Washington
November 26

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Aug 28, 2013
Sammy's new nick name

I had posted this in a reply post but wanted to have it for all to see. The first part of this is from another Redhead and second part of it is from me. Part #1 Waiting to see Sammy in Cabo is like waiting for Christmas morning when we were all kids. And it is so very true. Part #2 So seeing how we are all waiting for Christmas,( IE Sammy in Cabo ) lets now call the Red Rocker (Sammy Clause). He's got the beard, kinda and he LOVES the color RED just like old saint nick and he gives so much for those in need. So Sammy if you read these and I hope you do, you are now SAMMY CLAUSE.

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Aug 24, 2013
what's up admin???

I thought that when you won tixs in the first lottery drawing that you were not in the second chance drawing. I have talked with 2 or 3 Redheads that got an e-mail saying that they are in the second chance drawing even though they already have tixs from the first drawing. The e-mail states that if they don't want in the drawing they need to opt out through here. The problem is they are worried that if they opt out of the drawing they will loose the tixs they already have. Myself I have not received an e-mail on the second chance as of yet.

Just wondering in Seattle

Mas Tequila

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Aug 23, 2013
Out riding last night

I was out riding last night, had Sammy's 3 lock box playing on the bike and was thinking about all the fun and good times we are all in for while in Cabo. When that album finished I turned it over to OU812 for the ride home. Sammy You ROCK!!!

Still hoping for second chance tixs, make it happen Sammy!!!

Mas Tequila Redheads,

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Aug 19, 2013
Second chance drawing 2013

Hey Admin: Has the second chance drawing for the B-Day Bash 2013 taken place yet. There are a lot of Redheads waiting and I'm ONE of them. Please let us know when and how it will go down...Thanks from Seattle

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Aug 16, 2013

Sammy you and the Wabo's put on ONE HELL of a show last night. 3000 plus 4 Redheads Rocked this town. Thanks for the ride Sammy...See You in Cabo. peace and love and hair gel

Mas Tequila Brother

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Aug 13, 2013
Sammy and the Wabo's

Two more days till Sammy and the Wabo's are playing here just north of Seattle at the Tulalip resort and casino. Then off to Cabo in about 7 weeks for the B-day Bash. Life sure is fun being a Redhead...See ya all at the pool bar...

Mas Tequlia Redheads

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Aug 2, 2013
Is the Lottery drawing over???

Hey admin; Is the lottery drawing over and if so. When will the second chance drawing be held?

Seattle Redheads waiting with fingers crossed

FDIC 2013 with or without tixs...

Mas Tequila Sammy

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Aug 2, 2013

It looks like I didn't get tickets this year, my fingers are still crossed to see if my wife (who got us tixs last year)hit the lottery this year. If not we are still going to be FDIC.

Mas Tequila Red Heads and C U N Cabo

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Jul 26, 2013
B-Day Bash

All registered for the first 3 shows, now may the Red Head Gods shine down on us all...

Good Luck to all you Red Heads

Mas Tequila and See ya in CABO

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Jul 12, 2013
CABO 2013

Resort booked...check

waiting on info for tixs...check

having a party with Sammy and friends in Cabo...priceless...

Mas Tequila Red Heads

FDIC 2013 and it can't come soon enough...

Later Jeff

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