what's up admin???

August 24, 2013 by Blaze

I thought that when you won tixs in the first lottery drawing that you were not in the second chance drawing. I have talked with 2 or 3 Redheads that got an e-mail saying that they are in the second chance drawing even though they already have tixs from the first drawing. The e-mail states that if they don't want in the drawing they need to opt out through here. The problem is they are worried that if they opt out of the drawing they will loose the tixs they already have. Myself I have not received an e-mail on the second chance as of yet.

Just wondering in Seattle

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I just got an e-mail from redrocker admin that said those of us that got tickets the first time around and then received the 2nd chance drawing e-mail we received the 2nd chance one in error. I therefore would say that the 2nd chance drawing has not happened due to them clearing this error up. There was no indication in the e-mail as to when it might happen.

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Same thing happened last year. The people who got tickets the first go around also got tickets the 2nd go around - even though they said they were not going to be in the drawing. I was shut out last year on both drawings but got picked for 2 shows this year. I also got a 2nd chance email on Friday, but my husband who has been shut-out 2 yrs. in a row got nothin - no emails. I am not complaining! I am happy that I see a show with my friend/roommate & a show with my hubby (who arrives later than me). I was confused when I got the email. I hope that everyone gets to go to at least 1 show.


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I just checked email again this morning and still nothing on second chance. I really don't understand why we haven't gotten an email.

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I received my e-mail this morning, it came in on Friday after I had left work for the day. Hope to score in the second drawing, if not it's still going to be a PARTY, Hell it's CABO how can you not have a good time!!!

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Like Jeff has stated I was lucky enough to get tickets to one of the shows which I am attending but I have also recieved a email stating I am in the 2nd chance drawing. I too was under the impression that once you got tickets to a show that was it. Or is it if you are registered for other shows that you did not get tickets for you are eligible for the other shows? Just confused. Me and my wife have tickets so I am droping out so that other Redheads that did not get any tickets yet have a better chance. Good luck all. Mas Tequila.

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No email here either help

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neither my wife nor i got tickets in the original drawing. neither of us got an email for the second chance drawing. this system is pretty messed up!!!

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the system isn't working properly :)

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my question is, why are they even getting an e-mail they already have tickets from the first lottery and shouldn't be in the second drawing. at least that's what was said to us from admin...

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Yeah, I got the e-mail (no tics for me) but my wife did NOT get an e-mail for 2nd Chance and she didn't get any tickets either. Further confirmation that this system is broken.

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If they opt out for the second chance drawing it does not take their original tickets away from them. They have already been purchased with a name attached!