Sammy's new nick name

August 28, 2013 by Blaze

I had posted this in a reply post but wanted to have it for all to see. The first part of this is from another Redhead and second part of it is from me. Part #1 Waiting to see Sammy in Cabo is like waiting for Christmas morning when we were all kids. And it is so very true. Part #2 So seeing how we are all waiting for Christmas,( IE Sammy in Cabo ) lets now call the Red Rocker (Sammy Clause). He's got the beard, kinda and he LOVES the color RED just like old saint nick and he gives so much for those in need. So Sammy if you read these and I hope you do, you are now SAMMY CLAUSE. I hope ya don't mind bro...

Mas Tequila Brother C U N Cabo

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Rburla's picture

Awesome dude.... ME GUSTA

weimarcj's picture

I LOVE IT! Couldn't be more accurate!

See you in Cabo!

edwards097's picture

I like it... I think it will stick.. He gives back so much. what a great ambassador.. T MINUS 39 DAYS AND COUNTING TILL CABO.....

markg079's picture

Ditto! Love it also. So true.

Blaze's picture

I knew You would Deb...LOL

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

Deb Fowler's picture

Love it!!!!