August 16, 2013 by Blaze

Sammy you and the Wabo's put on ONE HELL of a show last night. 3000 plus 4 Redheads Rocked this town. Thanks for the ride Sammy...See You in Cabo. peace and love and hair gel

Mas Tequila Brother

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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Hey Doug, you should head down to Cabo and see him at the Cantina. Now that's a PARTY...

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

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I heard 3 lock box in 6 grade and have loved Sammys music ever since. Last night was the first time I've ever seen Sammy.. Best concert by far and I wish I hadn't waited 30 years to see him.

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I have seen Sammy so many times over the past 35 years that I really don't even know how many shows and he does seem to be one of the very few who is actually getting better with age. For about the past 15 years we have always just bought tickets from a broker for the Sammy shows so that we could have good seats which can get expensive but so worth it. I thought I would be able to save the expense this year when I won tickets but after I got them I knew we would want to upgrade. You have all convinced I

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Jeff...Glad to hear you enjoyed the show last night. I and I am sure you did to, knew it would be rockin. That is just a warm up for Cabo Brother...

Deb...Having seen Sammy in Vegas in June and at the end of July in Del Mar i would suggest upgrading if you can. His shows keep getting better each time. I am totally amazed each time I see him how good he really is. either way though you are in for a great time. Enjoy.

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You most definetly buy better seats.. His shows are a party like non other. Can't wait till he rolls into Detroit...

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Hey Blaze. Glad to hear the show was a good one last night. We have our show here in St. Louis on the 31st. It's a sold out show and I did win tickets from our local rock radio station but they aren't good seats. Been looking on stub hub for weeks now thinking about paying the price for some good seats. Judging from your review it sounds like I should open up my pocketbook and spend the money to upgrade seats.