Back from Cabo

October 17, 2012 by Blaze

Well fellow Redheads all I have to said is. That was one hell of a party in Cabo last week. We went to the Sunday night show and our friends got into the show on Thursday. We met and partyed with some great Sammy fans and have made some friends for life. Oh and the RIU Santa Fe was hands down the best place to stay. We are already planning our next trip to Cabo and we will be staying at the Santa Fe. I hope everyone had as good a time as we all did and that everyone made it home safe and without to big of a hangover. So till next time...


Later Jeff

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scottys26's picture

You ain't kidding brother that was one hell of a week!!! Hell, come Thursday I could barely drink any more! Man what a blast! Can't wait for next time.


Chicago Scott

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had a great time at the Sunday night show... I was also FDIC (should see my facebook pic)...

Can't wait to go back...