Set list from Wednesday 10/9

October 10, 2013 by billeisenhauer

This show was behind amazing. Nearly non-stop for about an hour and forty-five minutes. Here's the set list:

Winding Down (Sammy & Friends, 2013)
Little White Lies (Marching to Mars, 1997)
Three Lock Box (Three Lock Box, 1992)
Not Going Down (S&F)
Going Down (S&F)
One Way To Rock (Standing Hampton, 1981)
I'll Fall in Love Again (Standing Hampton)
Why Can't This Be Love (VH, 5150, 1986)
Sympathy for the Human (Red Voodoo, 1999)
Personal Jesus (S&H)
High and Dry Again (Red Voodoo)
Shaka Doobie (10/13' 2000)
Ramblin' Man (S&F)
Top of the World (VH, FUCK, 1990)
Bad on Fords (S&F)
I Can't Drive 55 (VOA, 1984)
Mas Tequila (Red Voodoo)
Knockdown Dragout (S&F)
All We Need Is An Island (S&F)

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Dang. In my original post, I meant to say, "beyond amazing". Fuck auto-correct!

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No special guests. We think he's saving them for nights 3 and 4 when AXS TV will be there.

After much coaxing from Sammy and the crowd, Kari declined to sing the harmony. So maybe that was a one-time thing.

Great show despite no guests.

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Thanks for posting this set list and another show that went 1hr and 45minutes. Were there any special guest and did Kari do the Nancy Wilson part in All We Need Is An Island. There was a post that said on night one she sung that part.