How did it go on 10/7?

October 08, 2013 by billeisenhauer

Anyone who went to the 10/7 show:

How long were the wristband pickup lines? What time would you say is best to go?

Then, what was it like getting into the Cabo Wabo? Trying to make plans since we have tickets for 10/9.

Also, what was the set list?

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It was. See my set list post.

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I also think Personal Jesus was in the set. Might be confused because it was in the surprise show so might need someone else to confirm

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We went from will-call to into the club in 5 minutes at about 7:45pm. Stood halfway back and center. Easy and awesome!

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We arrived on Saturday and were out at rips having drinks around 8ish. Went in to the CaboWabo to go to the bathroom and David Lauser was checking the drum set. I thought what the F....

There was a small group of people waiting by the stage but the bar was pretty empty. I ran and got my buddies and we grabbed a table. Waitress said "Shhh Sammy is going to play tonight"!!!

BONUS!!! Sammy and the Wabo's did the whole S&F album with. Sammy started doing a solo CaboWabo with the crowd while Mona and Vic tuned up.

Monday was the Wabo's again. Set was very solid and Sammy seemed very into it. I did not write the set list but it was from all except Chickenfoot. In the middle the did a low key version of Right Now followed by Eagles Fly....OH MY GOD - super emotional/powerful moment that I will not forget!

songs that I remember (not in order)
Marching to Mars
Bad Motor Scooter
Whole lot of Zep
Right Now
Eagles Fly
Finish what ya started
Cant Drive 55
Only One Way to Rock

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Redrocker327 is right, that was a long set.

The show was great!

There is no point in showing up at 1:45 for a wristband. If you want to be close to the stage, you can get your wristband at 5-6 pm, then get into the separate line that forms to actually get into the club.

If you don't care to be up close, as the entire club will make any spot close, if you compare it to going to an amphitheater or an arena.....then show up at around 8-9 to get your wristband and enter the club with no waiting.

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If he played from 9:30 to 11:15 that actually is a long set. I remember a show in 2010 that was only 1hr and 15minutes.

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The set was short, all business, no encore, no Mas Tequila. The crowd was great, the drinks were flowing, Sammy's voice was on key. No special guest's.

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We got in line at 1:45PM; one person allocating wrist bands at 2PM; we got our wrist bands at about 2:45PM - no shade so wear suntan lotion.

No surprise guest at OCT 7 show. Sammy started at about 9:30PM and played until 11:15PM - no encore...we thought he would return and play more because he mentioned during the show he had a few surprises that night but would not say what they were. He had a setlist but deviated from it. Played maybe 4 or 5 songs from the new CD; a few off the Montrose and solo albums. Two Van Halen songs - no ChickenFoot songs; did not play Cabo Wabo - which I was hopeful that he would. Even though he played for almost two hours straight with no break it felt like a short show..definitely left us wanting more...many of us thought he would be back with surprise guests however a few minutes after he left the stage - and it was a fast exit, the equipment was shutdown and gear removed from stage - no encore, no return...

On the plane home yesterday some that attended the show even commented they were surprised how the show ended and no surprise guest, etc...maybe the best show to attend would have been the OCT 13 show. It was a great show but definitely we all wanted even more Sammy...

Good times and seeing Sammy in Cabo is priceless!!!

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I've been able to figure out that there were no special guests.

That's all I know. I'm expecting different for night 2. Probably Michael Anthony.

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Were there any special guests?
How long was the show?
Were there any songs played not expected?
How about a setlist?

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Saw the first show! Very cool and had an excellent time! The line to get wrist bands wasn't bad. Got there at 1:30 and they started handing them out about 2:15. It was really hot though so take plenty of water or they will be selling water and buckets of beer. Went back around 6 and waited until 7:30 to get in. Met lots of cool people! Sammy and the Wabis rocked but was hoping to see lMichael Anthony and a few others. Maybe they will be in some of the other shows.

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My son went said it was an awesome show. Ticket line wasn't long and I was surprised about that. The line to get in wasn't long when we were there which was around 5. We're all going Sunday. Can't wait!

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My son went. Said it was awesome. Ticket line wasn't really long at all. We were surprised by that. We're all going on Sunday.....

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Fellow Redheads! Night 1 ROCKED of course. No special guests, just the Wabos- great set list included Marching to Mars, 1 Way to Rock, I'll fall in Love Again, Montrose medley, AWESOME version of Right Now into Eagles Fly, Red, A couple of songs off the new album (Personal Jesus, Bad on Fords and Chevys, Ramblin, Gamblin Man, Knockdown Dragout) closed out with Heavy Metal.
Wristband situation- We lined up about 1:30- we were 6th or 7th in line. By 2 the line was around the corner-it goes slow! After wristband we went around the corner and found a little bar-2 beers, 2 shots for $5! Yeah! Wabo closes for dinner show ticket holders by the way. We got back about 5:30ish and we were 8th or 9th in line to get in-got about 3 rows back(I think dinner show people might have been up front) Still awesome view! Up front fanatics baby!
Special thanks to Michigan Redheads Rob and Candy who we hung out with and showed us the ropes! Can't wait for next year!

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Was awesome. Going tomorrow. Get as early as you can if you want to get up front:)

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Where are the first night Redheads? There has got to be somebody that was a first night attendee that can let us know how things were.