How to get the cd with purchase of tickets to show

May 24, 2019 by Bigjeff74

I bought six tickets to the show and never got an email to get the new cd don’t need six of them but would like one since they are supposed to come with every ticket anyone know how I get one

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What if the tickets weren’t purchased through Ticketmaster? I was at the Albuquerque show and got
my tickets through hold my ticket. Still haven’t got an answer on anything

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If you purchased online you should have received an email to redeem your copy. For legal reasons, you have to redeem it before they send it to you. Check your spam email folder if you didn't receive, and see this message for who to contact if you have problems:

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I bought 2 tickets on 5-20. Ticketmaster sent code to redeem for 2 cd's on 5-21. I received the 2 cd's 5-29.

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Same here, I thought they were supposed to mail out automatically on May 13th - haven't received mine yet :(

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I was wondering the same thing - I thought they automatically were supposed to mail out on May 13th.... wanted to learn the music before the show here in Chicago on June 7th........ patiently waiting.

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Same here - anyone have an answer about that?