James Durbin Performs Heavy Metal On American Idol

April 13, 2011 by BigBass

I hope the Redhead Nation and Sammy himself just caught the performance of James Durbin on American Idol just now. The kid performed Heavy Metal and tore the house down with Zakk Wylde. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am sure this performance will be posted up on YouTube shortly, so if you did not catch it live, look this thing up. I am hereby calling out each and every Redhead to petition the American Idol producers to bring Sammy on for their big finale show to perform this live with James. What better way to get the word out there about the new Chickenfoot project, as well as show the rest of America just how great Sammy's music still is.

Come on everyone, let's make our voices heard and get Sammy onto truly the biggest stage on TV today.

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 5  Redhead Comments

themay_or's picture

AWESOME!! Zakke Wylde was awesome too only thing that would have been better would have been Sammy coming out and playing with James!

markrory's picture

OMG! SAMMY! SAMMY! They have to know who you are now. How smug of Steven Tyler not to say I have played with Sammy many times,... none the less, Sammy rocks the world!
Born to Rock, Built to Last. See you and the Wabos in Tahoe
May 6 & 7. "Coming home, Coming home"... Lady Red Rose
P.S. Sammy for the finale of American Idol, vote for
James Durbin Redheads!!!... SAMMY! SAMMY!

CathyCTredrocker's picture

Hope all the Redheads called and voted for James!! It was the first time I picked up the phone all season!! Sammy would make and awesome mentor for Idol. And of course even better if he performed!!! Good thing James didn't listen to Jimmie!! My husband and I joked when we saw James' outfit in the beginning "what movie is he gonna do..."Heavy Metal". And then woooohoooo got some Sammy on Idol!

lizshuemate's picture

Awesome performance and I totally agree!!! The world deserves to know Sammy!!!

sammyfan7's picture

Yea, just saw it. He nailed it!