Sammy and his bike.

Sammy and his bike.
One of my favorite photos.
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Reinhardt's Motorcycles's picture

need to get my hand on one.

magicbri's picture

Yes the Red Rocker bikes were and still are totally awesome. A phenomenal conversation piece. I've got one for sale if anyone is interested, let me know.

bernath52194's picture

I love this bike too! I've been trying to find one for years that was in good enough condition to ride. All of the ones I've come across have been to small for me...the search continues. I've just recently had to part with my beloved Bianchi. My main ride now is a Trek 820 aluminum frame with a bunch of upgrades.

nannettee078's picture

I want one of these bikes... I have a small collection, I have a 30" frame aluminum Cannondale mountain bike, a GT Agressor mountain bike, a Betty - White cruiser with pink flames on it made by Elektra, and a 1929 Schwinn Tandem with round handlebars- Gotta have me a redrocker bike!!! Sammy where can I get one???