Something For You To Think About!

September 24, 2010 by benisme_123
Something For You To Think About!

After playing the Foot's live DVD to death and being absolutely blown away by the bands version of "Bad Motor Scooter" it got me wondering what songs from the guys previous/other/current/solo projects i would like to see some live killer versions. I could go for ever but thought i'd limit the selections to just the top 5 personal choices, now here's mine, in no specific order....

1.Big Bad Moon - Joe Satriani
Would love to hear Sammys voice on this killer track of Joe's with Chad's take on the drums sure to elevate the song as well. (maybe even a bit of the chilli peppers higher ground (steve wonder cover) thrown in as well as the riff sounds similar.

2.Psycho Vertigo - Sammy Hagar
This MONSTER track has Chickenfoot written all over it!!, sounds like a Zepplin/Soundgarden love child, in a good way of course:)

3.Space Station #5 - Montrose
After hearing what they did to "Bad Motor Scooter", i am drooling at the thought!

4.I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
yeah, an obvious choice, but its the way this band plays that made me choose it, though i could of chosen "Swept Away" of the same album.

5.Right Now - Had to throw in a Van Hagar tune, and it had to be one off my first VH album, it was either going to be this or "Poundcake", choose this for a bit of variety.

can't wait to hear from some of you guys, cheers


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Well Stef my 12 year old daughter, my 16 year old son, his 16 year old girlfriend all went with me to the Indio show and they all saw CF last year at the Gibson Amphitheatre (front row) so there is some young blood that is hooked on Sammy's music as well. Keep having fun with your Sammy quest.

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I was stoked to see a guy with his 15 year old son sitting behind me in Indio. The kid was even wearing a Van Halen t-shirt and I'm thinking, what were you like THREE when those guys last put an album out, maybe not even born for "Balance" LOL?!?

As far as being stuck on that desert island...I have been getting my friend Cathy at work hooked on Sammy and making CDs for her. Today I say "Hey Cath...Jeanette sent me some more Sammy tunes if you're interested!" She says "Oh my GOD!! You know there ARE other artists out there!!" Without even missing a beat I say "No there are NOT!!" LMAO!! What she doesn't realize is a lot of his stuff is still "new" to me. I just listened to "Nine on a Ten Scale" in it's entirety today, and am working on the rest of the two Sammy Montrose albums, as well as his HSAS stuff. See, always something new!!!

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That is cool Stef. I listen to a bunch of different bands, my 16 year old son (Malcolm5150) on the site plays guitar in a band that practice in my garage all the time so I keep up with a lot of different music. My daughter loves Country so I get my fair share of that but one thing is for sure if I ever got stuck on an island and I could only pic one musician to listen to there is no question that that artist would be Sammy. so much variety through the years I can't say enough about how much Sammy's music means to me and how much it has influenced my son as well. He thinks Chickenfoot is the best thing since sliced bread and he can't wait (nor can I)for some new CF.


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I have been diggin' on "Aftershock", that's a cool tune.

I am still in the process of bulking up my Sammy catalog, my goal is to have all of his stuff here very soon, I am well on my way thanks to my favorite RedHead know who you are!!♥

Yeah my husband always wants to know why Sammy is all I listen to. I tell him, you are not gonna hear 80% of this stuff on the radio I hate to tell ya...timeless, classic stuff that so few of us appreciate.

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Right on Stef, Balance is one of my favorite VH albums "feelin" is for sure high on my list of Van Hagar tunes, I never get tired of that one. Come to think about it I never get tired of any Sammy tunes!!

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yeah I have actually been trying to put all the "radio play" Van Hagar tracks on the back burner for a bit and pay more attention to the less mainstream stuff. "Indside", "A.F.U", lots of the stuff off of Balance. You know, all the stuff that all of us truly educated and refined RedHeads enjoy!!♥

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"5150" is a killer VH track Mike, totally agree.

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I know but I'm talking about some Van Hagar stuff that the wabos don't play. There are so many good VH songs from that era that don't get played anymore and may never get played again.

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valid point Mike, but Sammy already does a lot of his Van Hagar stuff with the Wabos don't forget...

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This is just Hypothetical, but any van halen song with sammy on vocals is still a "Sammy" song to me. I get that they don't need it and they stand alone, but maybe their concerts could have been a little longer if they filled in a couple of the songs everyone mentioned here.

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Chickenfoot could fart on a snare for 2 hours and i'd love it!!!

Go The Foot!!!

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oh without a doubt Doug...I have been saying, the most talented and best LOOKING half of Vah Halen is doing just fine these days!! That, and Sammy and Mikey are the most down to earth guys that came out of that group too, they stayed grounded and didn't let the lifestyle get the best of them, or the money. Makes me giggle when you hear Sammy talking about VH and he slips and says "...back with Van Hal...oh I mean VAN HAGAR!" He corrects himself, it's awesome!!

LOL "new Van Halen"...that's almost as bold a statement as Sammy saying they were better than Led Zeppelin!! I must agree with both though!!

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Hey Stef, I really think the whole idea behind Chickenfoot was to let everyone know that Sammy still could ROCK OUT HARD! Don't get me wrong, I love the Wabos, but they aren't heavy! Eddie could bring back Diamond Dave to try & save Van Halen, but Sammy & Mike are still doing a better job in the end! Long live the new Van Halen which is Chickenfoot!!
Doug aka "CWG"

302_Boss_Chick's picture

damn, Doug DOES have a good point...

guess my suggesetion of "Amsterdam" is kinda pointless now.

But hell yeah on "Get Up"!! That song is off the chain.

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Sorry but one thing you can be guaranteed will never see a Van Halen song played By Chickenfoot!! And you should all know why! And personally I don't want to see it! They can stand alone...Chickenfoot is the best incarnation of Van Halen yet!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

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Ok here goes , without duplicating what you two picked , because reckless and trans-am would have made my list.

1. Love or money - love the old high energy stuff

2. Planets on fire

3. Get up - love to see chad pound this song out

4. Sucker in a 3 piece - Mike on background and Satch burning it up

5. Sympathy for the human - I just love this song

302_Boss_Chick's picture

"Let Sally Drive" is the BEST!! I have SO FAR...not gotten busted cruisin' to this one. This is SO my theme song!! Well, one of many, LOL!! Now I just need to find me a 427. Didn't Elvis used to buy Cadillacs for people? I think Sammy needs to buy Mustangs for people. Mainly me.♥

Yeah Mike, didn't think about how some of the Eddie solos from back in the day would sound with a Satch twist on' em, you for sure got me thinking even more now!!

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I agree with Stef's point about let them play anything with Sammy singing and who really gives a damn what they play i would still like it but here is what I would suggest;

1. 5150 (this is one of my favorite VH songs but it does not get played live anymore) Satch would tear up the solo.

2. Satch Boogie (Eddie always took solos in VH, why not let Joe have some fun?)

3. Under The Bridge (gotta let Chad have some fun too!)

4. Loud (I still can't seem to get enough of this tune)

5. Let Sally Drive (this is like the modern day version of I can't drive 55, I challenge all of you to put this song on your car stereo and try and keep it under the speed limit)


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hmm...interesting poll, lemme think, what should the 'Foot cover live. I unfortunately don't know much of Joe's solo stuff although that is my project this weekend, to collect as much of it as I can and start schooling myself!!

Problem is, the catalog is skewed so heavliy towards Sammy by default, since his solo and Van Hagar career are SO extensive, it's tought to be fair to Chad and Joe....but honestly these guys are so talented and I love them so much I'd listen to them play anything really!! But I'll give it a shot here...

1). "Reckless" - I love this song, it's so high energy and I think the 4 of them would kill it!!

2.) "Up for Breakfast" - hehehe yeah think about it...

3.) "Trans Am (Highway Wonderland)" - I think CF could breathe new life into this one.

4.) "Dick in the Dirt" - just seems like something the 4 of them should cover, and this song always makes me smile a little.

5.) "Apolitical Blues" - could do kind of a 'Bitten By the Wolf' thing with this maybe.

Now see, all I came up with was Sammy/VH stuff...but when that's half the band what can ya do? I'll be interested to see what others say on this also. Cool "thinking" game Ben!!