It's Been A Long Time……...

October 08, 2011 by benisme_123
It's Been A Long Time……...
The Beautiful Place i live!
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It's been almost a year since i have been on the site, ALOT has happened in my life. First off i apologize to the redheads i was unable to send out a CD too, in the last year i have separated from my wife, in the process i have lost the remaining CD's amongst a lot of other stuff which is unfortunate. It's been quite a hectic year but all is on the right track now and looking up.

All the best to everyone out there:) and Sammy you've been inspirational as always, I finally got around to reading the "Red" autobiography last week, and i must say i am an even bigger fan now, not just for your music but for you as a person, HUGE respect!

cheers all


(p.s. As soon as i get the Chickenfoot III classic rock magazine fan pack in the mail that i ordered which feels like ages ago, i'll post some pics and my take on the whole package!)

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