Tahoe 2013?

February 09, 2013 by benbock

Has anyone heard if Sammy is playing Tahoe for Cinco this year again?

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What still no ticket information less then 2 months until the show

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I know you 'just want to be sure', but too late! We have already booked the flight and our room at Harrah's. It's called faith baby! By the way, My friend and I are coming to celebrate both of our 50th birthdays. Couldn't think of any better way than to commemorate the first Sammy Concert we saw together as teenagers. The one thing that would be the frosting on our birthday cake would be to have the opportunity to meet Sammy and have our official 'b-day picture' taken with him. We plan to attend both South Shore Room shows and be at Cabo Wabo on the 5th. What do you say Sammy? Is there any way we could have the pleasure of meeting you?

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Hi Redheads! We are waiting for 100% confirmation on the show and ticket details before announcing. We want to be sure so you all don't make plans only to discover the date has changed, or anything like that! Once we have it confirmed we will post it as an event on the site and share on social plus send out an email blast.

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come on redrocker it getting time to put tickets on sale. people need to get airplane tickets hotel rooms i been going to these shows since it started except for the year it was cancel and i still went to tahoe and party with a bunch of redheads who dont live in california.

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Does anyone have ANY idea when tickets will go on sale? I called Harrah's yesterday and the show isn't even on their calander yet!

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I just heard Sammys' recent interview , & YES, HE WILL BE IN TAHOE FOR CINCO DE MAYO! ONCE AGAIN, SO WILL I. Mai Tiwater

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Sammy is playing Tahoe South Shore Room on May 3-4,13. Then on Sunday May 5,13 there will be a big party at Cabo Wabo Tahoe. You can listen to his interview he did last week. C U N TAHOE!!