Advice Please! We have Bday Tickets we can't use.....again.

September 06, 2013 by bedione

We returned tickets for the Monday show, and won them again in the second chance drawing.
1st off we sent an email saying we wanted off the list. 2nd we received an email stating we were not eligible for tickets because we won in the first drawing. 3rd we will not even arrive in Cabo until Monday.
Does anyone have an email for admin? I thought the lottery was a good idea, now I'm not so sure.

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Hope it's not to late but unfortunately did not get my email to register till after registration had closed. Will be arriving on the 6th leaving the 13th would love to go. Staying at Playa Grande email me at and let me know either way if these are still available.

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Got tickets last year with the lottery this year not so lucky we made the best of it and went to see Sammy & Co in CA and I was not disappointed - living in AZ we could have made the Cabo trip on short notice but decided not to try for the 2nd drawing and notified Admin so another Redhead who already had plans could go and we wouldn't be considered - it stinks that some may still be unused. The lottery seems like a good idea especially if you plan your trip around winning - perhaps next year all the kinks will be worked out - 2014 FDIC

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I would email - they are the ones who emailed me saying I got tickets. I would try with them too.

Good luck

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The whole lottery sucks. no way of double checking its done correctly. go back to waitin on line with a buzz!'s picture

if you find out how to return let me know - same thing happened to me and for same show on Monday! I have my tix from first drawing for Friday show. so I don't get it. i didnt sign up for a second chance drawing. I have tried to contact redrocker and inticket but i got no response/'s picture

i am in the EXACT same boat. I got my set of tix but also got sent a confirmation for another set from second drawing. and i didnt sign up for second drawing!!!!!!!!!
i have tried this email you posted and another one and so far- NOTHING. no response!!!!!!! i am upset that 2 tix are tied up and others cannot get them.

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My wife and I would love the tickets as well and will be in Cabo for a birthday of our own.

If there is any way to get seats please let us know

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Send your email to:

For what it is worth...I hate the lottery as it is currently structured.

k17267's picture many peeps shut out and you get picked for the second time. What luck ?!? I'm not sure if there is anything you can do other then try and email the place you emailed to cancel the tix. I'd LOVE any chance to see a show. We were shut out of all shows, both times. would love a second chance. I'm just hoping we can hear Sammy from the outside of the Wabo.

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My wife and I would love tickets to the show. We have been shut out for the regular drawing and the second chance drawing. If there was a way to release them to someone else. We would buy them from you. Just email the admin and tell them what you would like to do, and who you will give them to. We can then meet up at the cantina or hotel/resort. We arrive on the 7th and leave on the 14th. Were staying at the RIU Palace. My name is Edward Stankowski and my email is