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Rebecca Rasmussen
July 07, 2011
Highlands Ranch, CO
May 23

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Jul 9, 2011
10 Days in Paradise vs. 1 night OnStage with Sammy and the Wabos

Aw we can't choose a future "related tour" so just pretend this shows as related to the 2011-09-10 show at Harveys Arena Lake Tahoe.

Hubby and I were headed down to Cabo San Lucas end of May / early June this year, but turns out hubby had to spend all that vacation time in the hospital instead 'cause he got too darned excited about the prospect of sipping some Cabo Uno at the Cabo Wabo Cantina.

So to somewhat make up for that lost trip, we now have a bottle of Uno being slowly emptied, and we will be going to Lake Tahoe to see Sammy and the Wabos from the OnStage area in September.

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