Supporting Mikey at Burlington Steamboat Days (Bug Fest) 06/19/2015

June 24, 2015 by Beavis
Supporting Mikey at Burlington Steamboat Days (Bug Fest) 06/19/2015
Mikey Performing at Burlington, IA.
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I have been a Van Halen fan since 1978 and a Sammy Hagar fan since 1979 (Saw him open for Boston in Milwaukee, WI.) I loved Sammy’s raw energy, it was contagious.

I was floored when VH released their 1st album.
Always thought Van Halen was great.... Until they started to screw with Sammy!

To make it worse, they now screw with Mikey!

I have never seen top performers (DLR, EVH, AVH) from a great band act like such assholes!

After reading Sammy's book, Red, the picture painted was clear, albeit biased. But Mikey said it all when he said "if Sammy said it happened, then it happened".

DLR? What clown! When VH performed on Jimmy Kimmel recently, DLR came out twirling a baton (mic stand). Once he started singing, he sounded terrible, just screaming into the mic, off key for the whole performance. DLR looked like someone beat his ass backstage before the show with his Band-Aid across his nose (from his baton twirling accident). I’m sure DLR “lives in a van, down by the river"!

I guess if you can't sing you resort to baton twirling!!!!

EVH, for such a great guitar player, he surely lacks all of the other qualities a great performer like Sammy has. He doesn't care about his fans, and worse he doesn't care about his band mates one bit. If that isn't a formula for failure... Oh yeah, it is a formula for failure! See VH history.

I wouldn't pay a dime to see VH on their tour, but I've spent thousands of $$$ following Sammy, The Wabos, and The Circle around North America. Last year, saw Sammy in Joliet, IL., Sterling Heights, MI., and Las Vegas, NV. (thanks to Hurricane Odile).

This year my wife and I have been to Cinco De Tahoe, May 8th, (Bleacher Bums), Burlington Steamboat Days (VIP Package). We have tickets for: Naperville Rib Fest, Milwaukee Summerfest, Four Winds Casino ( New Buffalo, MI.), Hollywood Amphitheater, (Maryland Heights, MO.), and have my trip to Cabo planned and paid for (just need tickets).

I can’t wait for the trip to Cabo, I will be sleeping in line outside the Cantina if I don’t win Lottery tickets!!!

Mikey, keep rockin’ us and don’t let the VH brothers mess with you!!!

Jim - Minooka, IL

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Supporting Mikey at Burlington Steamboat Days (Bug Fest) 06/19/2015
Sammy & Mikey - Bug Fest