Event Archive lapse of memory

November 03, 2012 by beachbum

Noticed there alot of shows not listed in the archives, in fact what happened to the entire 1980's. Maybe to many drugs in the 70's, I don,t remember, do you. Have to go back and look at all my old concert ticket stubs to piece it back together.

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September 11, 2012 by beachbum

Just read a comment on one time unused ticket reimbursment. Anyboby else have info. on this subject!

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Transportation to the bash and back to the resort?

August 03, 2012 by beachbum

Whats up Redheads! We were super lucky and got tickets to show 2. Never been to cabo and wondering about getting to the bash and back to the resort. We are staying at the RIU Santa Fe and looking for smooth in and out.

Thanks from the Michigan Beachbum.

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