Sammy in Biloxi this Saturday!

April 26, 2011 by bEaCh BaBi

Sammy in Biloxi this Saturday night, April 30th! I just got some awesome news from a friend who works at the IP Casino in Biloxi where the concert is held.

Sammy will be arriving in Biloxi via plane on Saturday. He will be having a promotion out by the pool Saturday 1pm to 3pm. He will rehearse with his band after promotion. After the concert, he will be at The Chill lounge, located inside the casino for an after party. Sammy is confirmed to attend this after party and they will be prepared to have him join the band on stage to play a little more.

My friend tells me that the casino had a huge meeting this morning to review the agenda. The casino staff was told that tons of bottles of Cabo Wabo Tequila will be shipped in and passed out on stage. They were warned that Sammy's concert get WILD!

Who's ready to ROCK!

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 7  Redhead Comments

sage5150's picture

getting closer 2 rock time/biloxi r bust

rscopes5150's picture

It's gonna a be a rock n' roll weekend!

david-marshall's picture

I live in Decatur, MS and I am working in Amarillo, TX this week. Will drive in Friday night to Decatur. Leave early Saturday morning to party with a fellow RED HEAD by the pool. Can't WAIT

GNR's picture

Uh oh is all I can say! This is going to be so Great!! I will be drving from Kinder to Biloxi. Guess I better leave very early to get there in time for the pool party. See you crazy peeps there!

becklett5150's picture

We will be there, primed and ready to party !!!!

sage5150's picture

nat, u do win daughter of the yr award/motor home will be loaded,me 2, and ready 2 rolll early saturday morn.and u know i m always ready 2 rock. there s only 1 way 2 rock!SAMMY !

Harleymomma08's picture

We can't wait! I guess we will have to get there early....It's going to be a party!