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March 31, 2011 by banzai

I read your book and loved it. I am a long time fan and the book only makes it more clear why. Love your music and your outlook on life. I have seen your live show with Van Halen twice, and I am hoping to catch you soon in Tahoe. Thanks for the book and all the years of great music. Here's to many more years! Salud

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You know what is funny? I used to think Sammy's side to the Van Halen split made no sense. I was sticking with the Van Halen brothers even though I loved Sammy's solo work. But after time had passed ( and I read the Van Halen era of Sam's book ) I TOTALLY got where Sam was coming from. It really blew me away. I feel bad that I didn't, at first, support his departure from Van Halen.

But now, I get it. Sammy saved that band too many times. Why hang with a group with that much self depreciation??

It took me a day to read it through. Of course, I have now read it three times since I got it last week!!