We need Tahoe News!!!

March 15, 2013 by bad565

Its barely a month away. We need to make travel plans. I know he said in the radio interview its happening. I really wish they would just let us know either way. Sucks because Southwest just had a special on flights and now its over.

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See you all in Tahoe!

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Alright!!! Guess I needed to wait 24 more hours lol. See you all in Tahoe!!!

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Check the Events Page! Night #1 on May 3rd just announced!

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I know for almost a fact it's happening cuz we just went to Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp last week in Vegas and Kari asked me if we were going I booked our room I'm like you I missed the Southwest special I'm sure there will be some more specials rock on see ya in Tahoe

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Yeah, I went looking so I wouldn't get left behind a third year. I want to be in line when the flag drops.