Tahoe 2012?

January 24, 2012 by bad565

Does anyone have any news about tahoe wabo cinco de mayo? I have not heard a thing about it. I hope he does. Keep Rocking Sammy!!!

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Where were the tickets sold last year - thru this site of a ticket company ? need to know where to watch.

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I believe Sammys deal with Skyy/Campari for the remaining 20% of Cabo Wabo Tequila in 2010, gave him a percentage of sales for 3 years along with a truckload of Money (11 Million). He sold the other 80% to Skyy/Compari in 08 for 80 million. Regardless of Sammys earn out from sales of CW tequila, he still retains the rights and ownership of the CW cantina in Mexico and the Tahoe Wabo Bar in Tahoe. I cant see Sammy ever changing the name of either. Although Sammy is focusing on the Beach Bars and Im sure he will be stocking them with his rum, he still has an interest in CW tequila til 2013. As for cinco de tahoe and the Bday bash, they will remain, unless sammy decides not to do the annual shows for his own reasons. If there is a show, tixs will go on sale by March. I always thought he would come back with a new Tequila, Maybe call it Vitamin T (lol) Tequila, but he probably has a covenant not to compete for 10 years or so to protect Campari's 91 million they paid for the Tequila. So will wait a few more years and see. By the way, I hear the Rum is good, but I still drink CW.

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Sammy has sold his remaining stake in Cabo Wabo Tequila to Compari. With his new Beach Bar rum out now I would think he would promote that instead of Cabo Wabo tequila.

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What do you mean that Sammy does not have anything to do with Cabo?

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SAMMY keep on a roll and please play TAHOE !!!!

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Tickets should go onsale in a few weeks. Last year the pre-sale was Feb.8 or so. Also they are doing some changing to the Cabo Wabo Tahoe with alot of remodeling going on. Heard maybe it might be changing to Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill since he has no ties with Cabo Wabo tequila anymore and his new Beach Bar Rum is already avil. in Hawaii and the states in April 2012. C U N TAHOE 2012.