Married:Deal With It!

May 27, 2011 by azure.s

Watched snippets on YouTube from the latest Tahoe Show: looks like a party! The sound is unusually very bad, though. Gonna have to find a way to see a live show. After seeing clips on the Tube about Hagar playing with Country stars, I started looking up Chesney and Keith, too. It feels almost sacreligious, (tee,hee). But I see a likeness between Chesney and Satriani.... And Toby just IS. Sorry: I hear "Sweet Soul Sister" in his voice..................Boy-friends influence so much! I've spent time as a Country fan, a Blues fan, but always a Rock fan. So. I'm thinkin' Hagar might want to think about revisiting Little Walter's "My Babe." It's timely, and would sound hot through a bullet mike!

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