happiness is a sound bite

September 10, 2011 by azure.s

Ahhh, I found the pre-order teasers for Chickenfoot III on Amazon, so I can present to anyone withing ear-shot my track ranking based on the tiny bits of tunage given to us:
#1 Something Gone Wrong
Beautiful voice range and guitar work
demonstrates genius of both artists
#2 Alright
this is striking because I Love Sammy's voice now
gritty like Janis Joplin
#3 Up Next
good meld of song and guitar
80s style rock
#4 Different Devil
Good music and story
human interest (Good message)
#5 Lighten Up
Good music and story
human interest
#5 Come Closer
I can imagine a lot of folks getting into this one because it speaks to trying to hold a relationship together. (I'm a widow, however.)
#7 Dubai Blues
Sounds like a guy thing....nothing wrong with that

Anyway, I'm very happy to have found the partial tracks. It's a good day!!

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