Loving Sammy and the Wabos!!!

July 07, 2013 by Awful Knawful
Loving Sammy and the Wabos!!!

This was sooo much fun for me.

It will take me years to form all of my thoughts from my experience into a well written, flowing piece because there were things happening on sooo many levels.

First off, I was attending this event with several people my age who get a little bit stoked when reminiscing about their Sammy memories. We ALL had them. On top of that, I was surrounded by people who didn't interact with each other very much until Sammy and the Wabos hit the stage and then everybody was nudging each other wondering, "Hey, have you seen Sammy before?". To me, this was where the concert got fun. I was making fast friends with complete strangers!

The highlight for me was the two twenty-somethings sitting behind me being totally blown away by music they had NEVER heard before and being baffled by how much they were enjoying it. Several of us in that section took a hand in educating these kids to how much Sammy kicks ass and has for years and years. He definitely gained some new fans with this performance.

Coolest of all was sitting right on the edge of where Sammy and the Wabos exited the stage. He got a huge ovation and was kind enough to stop and acknowledge the adulations which made all of us on that side feel pretty special.

Thanks to Sammy and the Wabos!!! May God bless you all for being the excellent souls that you are!

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