Birthday Bash First-Timers

August 06, 2013 by AudiFan

Any tips for wristband pick up day? I see the Cantina will call window is open from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM day of show. -Proper ID, -Must have your guest with you! I read that, anything else I should know? Get there early I assume?

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I am arriving on the 9th from Buffalo, NY and won't land until 3. If anyone one has an extra ticket for the 9th I would gladly pay you for it. Probably won't be able to get there in time for a wristband. You can email me at THANKS

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Last year we waited in line at 2pm had a beer and was out of there by 3pm with our wristbands, we were back at the Cantina at 6:30pm,no problem getting in at 7:30pm and the show starts at 9:30pm...

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We usually get down there around 3-4ish(pm) and pick up the arm bands. Then we go back around 6pm and wait in line again. We have gone early and waited forever because they did not get there on time to pass the armbands around. If you want front row then plan on being there all day. It's hot and humid but lots of fun hanging with everyone! Drink lots of water while waiting in the line and in the heat! Sometimes they don't have the air on right away and it gets warm in the cantina. I have seen several people pass out before the show starts because they drink all day in the heat. Most Redheads have their spots already picked out so they plan their day accordingly to where they want to stand in the cantina! Enjoy the show and Cabo!
C*U*N Cabo

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Thanks Red RockEER, I will heed your advice. Rock on!

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Thanks for the advice kvilla3569.

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Yep, what RedRockeer said, get there before/by 2pm to get in line to get wristbands but that's a long time to wait until doors open, especially after standing out in the heat all that time. We went back to hotel, got cleaned up and went back around 7 to stand in line again until doors opened.........and were still able to get very close to stage. I'm SO ready to see Sammy again, will be there Friday night!! Rock On!

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Yep, go down and get your wristband in the afternoon. If you want front row on the floor, I suggest hanging around till the doors open. If not, come back down around 6 or so, stand in line with all the other redheads, and drink a few cold ones on the sidewalk. Good times!