Question for the "Red Rocker"

June 11, 2017 by AnnCalvin2017

After watching "The Big Interview" with Dan Rather on you, the red rocker I have to ask a simple question prompted by a story. I was lucky enough in August 2000 to win tickets to see you in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for your "Marching to Mars" tour. It was an amazing show and a real blessing since at the time, my ex husband & I couldn't afford to buy tickets. We were broke just out of school kids, but he adored you. He was so excited to be able to go and still thinks back to that show. I, on the other hand, have a different memory hence why I want to ask this question. We were young kids and waited after the show to get the free program signed. It was so amazing that every band member took a few minutes to come greet us & show appreciation to us for hanging out. We waited almost two hours for "the" red rocker to come out since everyone else had. Then I saw you, you ran to the van and took off. Not a wave, not a shout, not the smallest of acknowledgment that we were there. I truly do understand how tough that life must be. I really do understand that you use all your energy on stage. But just a wave or some acknowledgment to the people waiting? Two seconds? So while I'm a respecting fan since your talent can't be denied, the memory of this show will keep me from ever coming again. Not that this matter or you'll even read this, my question is next time you have the chance, will you do it differently? Have things change seventeen years later and should I check out a St. Louis show? I don't want to seem negative & send prayers to you for a bright future. Just thought you should know what an impact one small action can have to those who hold you in such high regard. My ex is still your biggest fan but you broke his heart that night. He healed with this interview & I thank you for that. But he wants to take our daughter to a St. Louis show and I don't want my angel to get hurt like her dad was.

Just two cents from a fan & good luck this year!

Ann Calvin

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Well I usually don't answer back. But Brian has hit the nail on the head. The world is a nasty place. But the proof is in the pudding. There is no doubt in any redheads mind that Sammy loves his Fans. And anyone who has been down for Sammy's birthday. Knows that Sammy really does love his fans. Just had to comment on that. Cabo bound in October. Bring on the birthday bash. Long live Sammy.

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I would suggest that you come to Cabo in October for the Birthday Bash, let me buy you guys a few drinks and see first hand how much Sammy respects and appreciates his fans. Hell, if I lived by your philosophy I wouldn't watch tv, a sporting event or another concert if I took all the snubs from celebrities that didn't take the time to aknowledge me. Life's short, have fun!!!!