Sammy in Cabo this July???

June 20, 2013 by andym035
Sammy in Cabo this July???

Hello fellow Redheads!!!

Quick question for all of you...when Sammy pops up on stage with the house bands by surprise in Cabo, what days of the week does that typically happen? Weekends? Weeknights?

My wife just surprised me with a trip to Cabo (my FIRST trip there!) from July 19 - July 23 for our 10th anniversary and I'm REALLY excited to finally see the Cantina!!! I'm hoping Sammy is in town before the leg of his tour in late July and that he might hop on stage as a little warm up for those shows.

The last time I saw Sammy was in Atlantic City with Chickenfoot last May and I'm in dire need of some live Red Rocker music! The pic attached was from Sammy's Beach Bar...Sammy surprised all of us just hours before the show when he stopped in to donate money to a local church and food shelter. What an awesome guy!


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