Allison Gartner

August 20, 2010 by Allison Gartner

Have booked our whole holiday around Sammy's Birthday Bash. . everything is booked, flights, villa etc. Have been watching the website off and on, phoned directly to the cantina. . no info on tickets given. . .when on the website to find that the tickets are all sold out. .WE ARE SO DISAPPOINTED. .it is the only reason we are going to Cabo??? Any suggestions anyone?? Help. .Need TICKETS for the 8th or 9th or both for 2 people. We are desperate!!

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Some people have tickets to all of the shows. Maybe you could do some digging in the blogs here and try to appeal to someone's sympathy. Being able to celebrate with Sammy during one show should be good enough. 8,000 fans here and only 1,200 tickets.

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Do it the way it's been done forever...sleep on the streets for dinner tickets. I'm sure that's what you planned as that's all we've ever known. This selling tickets for his birthday is new & it looks like you joined a few weeks too late but the old way will work for you and its a blast of a time being a street rat! The old street rats won't be there as we have been members forever and knew about the new system. I don't know what we will do all night now but it will probably be on a beach somewhere or in the Cantina. Don't'll get tickets camping out and you will enjoy every minute of it I hope....we always have!

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Your other option is get in line to buy dinner tickets. Be prepared for plenty of line time. Good luck!

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You will probably be able to buy tickets by each of you finding an individual in Cabo who bought two but is only using one ticket. You'll just have to go to the cantina the afternoon of the show with the person who you are purchasing it from. Only one of the arm bands is attached to a "name" from the website purchase.

Warning: If someone on the street comes up to you and tries to sell you's a scam.