February 24, 2011 by AJS

Rumor that Sammy is in town any word if he is playing at Cabo Wabo Cantina this week?

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Ace Diamond Experience's picture

i was there. stood in the pissing rain for 3 hours+
just to be front and center for this 7 songs 30 minute show.
i was head-banging the whole time. especially during heavy metal. sam looked at me and said "you go girl".
i'm a guy. i flipped him off for it, then resumed head-banging.
Ace Diamond

themay_or's picture

Sweet! If you are there, have a great time. Let us know if he gives any details about the upcoming DVD or the Chickenfoot album.

bob087's picture

NICE! If your there, have fun!!!!

RIRedrocker's picture

Actually, Sammy's suppose to be at the Cantina tonight!!

bob087's picture

I was down last weekend and saw him, don't think he is still there though