September 28, 2013 by achief

First time trip! Any suggestions on when we need to head downtown to stand in line for concert wristbands? Flying out in 7 days!! See you in Cabo!

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If you really want to get right up front, then you will probably want to line up with the other "Up Front Fanatics" soon after you pick up your wristband at 2:00 or so. Doors are at 7:30+ and the show is 9:30 so you will be waiting about 5 hours for the doors and 7 hours for the show. Out front at the CaboWabo gets pretty hot (90+ degrees) since you are in the desert and there is no shade so it won't be very pleasant - bring lots of water. Frankly we have found that the venue is small enough that even if you show up at 8:00 right after the crowd goes in at 7:30 you will still only be about 10 people back from the stage. It is a standing room only venue, so be prepared to stand for the whole show. While I agree it is a great privilege to get front row, it is still my hard earned vacation and I would prefer to spend 5 extra hours at the hotel pool bar rather than sweating my butt off in line in downtown Cabo. Maybe I'm just getting soft!

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So get there at 2 and then stay until they let us in, or come back later to get in? If you do suggest coming back later, what is your recommendation for the time to get there? We want to have a good spot for the show. Thanks!

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I was there last year, you and your guest should be in front of the Cantina at 2pm Cabo time, only on the day of your show.I will be there on the 7th for opening night.

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The Dinner show lines will start to form 48 plus hours before they go on sale! Once the line hits the corner of the block or just around it, forget it because there won't be anymore! I believe you are asking about when to line up to get your wrist bands put on the day of the show for those that were lucky to get picked in the lottery! See my post above!

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I am going to say your talking about the dinner/show combo tickets/wristbands. If that is what you are than from what has been said based off of previous years that would be the day before they go on sale. I did see some other fans posting saying they are going to get at the club between 7pm and 8pm of the day before.