Cabo Wabo bound

June 26, 2018 by Abonk99

We are so excited to see Sammy at his B Day Bash this year.
First time for us so we are wondering how things work?
If they hand out the wristbands at 2... do we need to be there at 2 and then come back?
What should we expect?

thanks you your help!!

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Unless your hard pressed to do All Inclusive I would steer away from that type. There are so many places to visit for eating and activities to do,and not tie yourself down at the resort to get your money's worth. If your stuck on that type look into Sandos Finnisterra. It sits behind the marina and is walkabke to Cabo Wabo. If you can go away from needing All Inclusive look into Mar De Cortez, and Tesoro. Those are the closest to Cabo Wabo. The first is a bare bones basic place literally around the corner, and the other sits in the marina with a straight road shot to it.

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Got Tix for 10/13..Flying in from Florida, Whats a good all inclusive resort nearby thats reasonable..

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First off congratulations on getting tickets. There is nothing like a show at Cabo Wabo for Birthday Bash. The wristbands pick up of 2pm on day of show you won for is an approximate time. I have seen it not begin until 3. The first thing to warn you is ALL times are just that approximate. If you have a guest they will need to be with you. The winner needs to provide ID to match what they entered in with. It will be verified to a winners manifest. The wristbands will then be placed on you and the winner. DO NOT TAMPER WITH THEM. They will check for this upon letting you in. If they determine tampering has occurred then NO ENTRY. If they do dinner/show tickets those will be let in ahead of show only tickets. It is all up to you when you want to get in line to get in. I will say this look for 2hrs 30min to three hours after they open doors foe the show to start, and then the show usually is 1hr 30min to 2 hours.