Will-call open 2 P.M.-???; day of show....

September 01, 2010 by AaronKatz2000

Saw complaints from some on here upset that they would have to go to the will-call table in the middle of the afternoon day of show; I would be upset too if this is the case as I have day-time excursions planned, etc. many days of shows; as well as just wanting to chill by pool and not have to cab it into Cabo in the middle of the afternoon. I think we have a problem with another simple misunderstanding here. The latest update says the table will open at 2 P.M. but never says how long it will remain open. I see nothing that contradicts the original info then from 7/28 that the table will remain open from 2 P.M.-10 P.M. the day of the show. So I'm assuming that info is still correct??? So, if that's the case, should be able to show up at the Cabo Wabo after dinner just before the show.

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Admin, that's awesome news and thanks for the confirmation!!!

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Confirming that will call table is open from 2pm to 10pm each day. :-)

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Sammy, or staff can you confirm that ticket/wrist band check in time can be anytime from 2 pm to 10pm, day of show. I am picking up my husband at the airport that day as its his birthday too. Let us all know , please so we don't freak out and worry.

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Yes, that's what I was quoting from. The newest update says they will have a table set up at 2 P.M. in the cantina. Some questioned if this meant they had to be at the cantina AT 2 P.M. to pick up wristbands. It's written fairly ambiguously, unfortunately. I'm assuming based on the 7/28 news release (which you quoted here) that anytime 2 P.M. or after (until 10 P.M.) day of show is OK for picking up wristbands, etc. then.

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This is from an email I received on 7/28:

Purchased tickets will be available for pick up at the Cantina (2 pm to 10 pm) October 8, 9, 11 and 13th.