August 16, 2011 by AaronKatz2000

8TH B-day Bash trip upcoming. Truly love the idea of on-line sales (always hated the old "sleeping in the street system"). Was able to get tix for all 4 shows last year (but not without issues, was "kicked out" of the system several times while attempting to pay and had to start all over again). This year our dates ate 10/8-15 so I was only trying to get tix for the shows on the 9th, 11th and 13th. Got them for the 9th. Got in for the 11th, changed my quantity to 2, hit "Paypal" and noticed that the 2 tix that I'd aready purchased for 10/9 (in addition to the 2 I had for 10/11) were still in my cart even though I'd already paid for then (WTF?). When I went to try to delete them from the cart (the already purchased 10/9 tix that is), it "kicked me out" of the system and I lost my 2 tix for 10/11. Of course, I tried to get backed in (wouldn't let me), clicked on "your cart" (as my 10/11 tix should have still been there waiting for me- not there.)Needless to say, screwed on the 11th tix through no fault of my own, but another damn system glitch. WTF? This is not rocket science guys. It's setting up a system so that about 700 tickets can be sold. That's not that many. Why can they never get it right? Anyway, got my 2 each for 10/9 & 10/13. If anyone has 2 extras (by either accidentally having bought an extra pair for 10/11 because they may still have been in your cart (heard it happened to a BUNCH of people- who now have 2 pairs for certain shows of which they can only keep one) or because you simply purchased an extra ticket to the 10/11 show, let me know. I am interested in buying any extras (whether 1 or 2 at a time) for the 10/11 show. Please send me a message here.- Thanks Red Rockers and hope the system administrators can finally get it right next year!!- Aaron

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Have some fun down there Aaron. I'm not going to make it this year. I am very bummed,upset about it.

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I'll buy your one from the 11th. I'll PayPal you the $ immediately (and buy you a waborita inside the night of the show to show my gratitude). I assume you bought 2 and have an extra. If that's the case, me PayPaling you the $ will very much be on an honor system as I'll simply have to trust that we will meet outside the Cabo Wabo the nite of the show and you will have me braceleted as your 2nd person. Thanks and let me know via E-mail!-

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I have one for you if you need it....


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It didn't allow me from Canada to purchase tickets for the 7th and 9th My error on the 11th and only got 1 ticket I NEED 2 but I got my tix for the 13th I NEED 1 for the 11th