Potental dilemma (please read)...

July 26, 2011 by AaronKatz2000

Had a family trip planned for Mazatlan for late July/early August but as I had our yearly Cabo large group already planned for Oct. 8-15 had to wait for the onsale date until late-June before I was able to book the Mazatlan trip as I wanted to be at my home computer to buy tix (and not at some hotel in Mazatlan where it may (probably) not work-and we may know the issues with the redrocker website even before today's episode.) Waiting until they FINALLY posted the onsale date in late June (costing my family over $500 more than if I had been able to book in early June if theycould have just announced a date then), but, at least I had the onsale date of July 26th set (knowing I'd be home to buy tix) so booked my family trip safely for August 2-8. Now, due to no fault of my own, I face the potential that the onsale date MAY actually occur while I'm on our family trip, or (gulp!) while I'm on the plane flying down to Mazatlan and I'll miss the onsale entirely!! Not fair at no fault to my own when I've prepaid $3000 for the Cabo trip already and effectively planned (and now had those plans altered at no fault of my own but at the fault of redrocker.com and the ineffective server planning that would have prevented today's issues from occuring, and cost my family $500 more in the process, to be home for the onsale. SO...I beg of whoever sets the next onsale date, it may be too much to ask to remedy this situation for me since other fan may have similar stories so I simply ask this..... PLEASE do the onsale for Tuesday, August 9th (or later). It's exactly 2 weeks out from the original date and gives you guys adequate time to fix the issues and doesn't screw over this LOYAL fan (attending my 8th Sammy B-Day Bash this year). Thanks for your time and listening to my story...Aaron Katz

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August 16th works!! Thanks Red Rocker admin!!

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I agree totally agree with Aaron. Move it to a later date than August 9th? Sammy is playing in Atlantic City on Aug 10th and several Redheads will be traveling on the 9th to A.C. to see him! Please listen to the fans on this one! Thanks!